I am Lun Wang, a licensed clinical social worker and I want to show you how cultivating joy can change your life and your organization.

What is cultivate joy about and why should I care about it?

Cultivate Joy is an organization that recognizes supporting individual and organizational wellness through the active practice of cultivating joy creates opportunities for change in individuals and organizations.  The act of cultivating joy increases creativity, morale, and opens doors to new possibilities and solutions.

Cultivate Joy is about supporting individuals, families, communities, and organizations in digging deep and discovering their capacities for joy.  I would like to support you or your agency in learning how increasing your joy can increase your productivity and efficiency, boost morale and attitudes, and help you function in high stress and demanding situations.

I found in my own life that experiencing happiness and joy were sometimes only fleeting moments and I began to wonder how I could experience that feeling more frequently - because when I am happier, I feel better, I work better, I am better. I wanted to figure out how to live a joy-filled life.  However, along the way I found stumbling blocks and barriers that prevented me from functioning at my fullest potential and excelling.  I also began to see these same blocks in my work place, community, friends, and family.  So I decided to start Cultivate Joy.  My goal is to work with my clients to create a customized plan to help them bring more joy to their lives so they can achieve their goals and reach their highest potential.

Cultivate Joy offers individuals and organizations these solutions through the following services:

  • Licensed private practice therapy
  • Individual or organizational coaching
  • Agency and organizational consulting
  • Agency and organizational training

contact cultivate joy today and let's get started on reaching your goals and your fullest potential!