Coaching & Consulting

As a part of Cultivate Joy, I offer individual and organizational coaching and consulting.  Throughout my career, I have witnessed challenges in several work places regarding building effective teams, increasing productivity and efficiency of staff, and establishing effective leadership.  I have also seen organizations struggle with staff retention issues due to high-stress work environments and low staff morale.  Many agencies have the capacity to do great things and reach their goals, but often conflicts within the agency prevent this - conflicts between staff and managers, personal problems among staff peer-to-peer, and resentments over lack of quality pay, benefits, or training. 

Do you want to learn how you can resolve these issues and move forward?  Do you want to learn how to build a stronger organization?  Are you in a leadership or manager role and do not know where to go next to improve your agency?  Because you are at the top, are you alone with no one to support you?  These are all things that I can help with.

With nearly ten years of experience in building effective teams and improving leadership, I can show you how to lead more effectively, do work that is meaningful to you, and build a stronger team in your agency - ultimately increasing the productivity of your staff and the wellness of your agency.  Contact me today to schedule an appointment!  

Phone: (831) 278-4318